GOP Hack Suggested Using False-Flag Attacks To Discredit WI Unions

GOP Hack Suggested Using False-Flag Attacks To Discredit WI Unions
  • Lady Liberty cried quietly in her room with a pint of chocolate ice cream after hearing that an Indiana prosecutor and GOP activist sent USDA certified organic asshole Scott Walker a friendly email, urging him to “employ an associate who pretends to be sympathetic to the unions’ cause to physically attack you (or even use a firearm against you)," so that Walker could "discredit the unions.” Yes, Scott Walker should burn down the state house or maybe even shoot himself in the face and then blame it on the Reds. Hoochie mama! The email's alleged author, Carlos F. Lam, says that he is the victim of a malicious false flag e-attack, and that he couldn't have written that email because he was "minivan-shopping with his family when the email was sent." Recall that Scott Walker actually wanted to carve a backwards U on his forehead and then blame the unions, but he decided against it, too bad. [TPM]
  • An anonymous spelling bee champ decorated the University of Kentucky with a sign that read, "How Do You Spell Nigger? OBAMA." No bro, you had it right the first time. [Lexington Herald-Leader]

  • Nearly four in ten Americans believe that the Japanese Nuclear Earthquake Meltdown is the work of Jesus and the Holy Ghost. Uh? [Fox News, Obviously]


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