Dave Albo is a Republican in the Virginia House of Delegates whose wife decided against sexing him -- in flagrante delicto, apparently! -- once she heard, on the teevee news accompanying their intercourse, about the creepy transvaginal ultrasound bill Dave's party was pushing last week. Thanks to Wonkette commenter "UnholyMoses," we can all enjoy Albo's first-person account of the unexpected interruptus of his coitus.

Albo used the House's weekly comedy open mic not only to relate his charming tale of conjugal visitry gone wrong but also to call out Democratic delegate David Englin, specifically, for emitting cock-blocking sex death rays straight from the Rachel Maddow Show.

PS Did you know that it is considered impolite for delegates to utter any derivative of the word "vagina," even while disgorging the squishy minutia of their sex-making into the official record over a cassette-deck porn beat, UNLESS they are simultaneously working to restrict what women can do with their "V"s? Look it up! [YouTube via Wonkette commenter "UnholyMoses"]


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