OK we know -- we know -- that Donald Trump is shittier to the troops than any president of the United States who ever lived. He routinely denigrates their service, he doesn't visit them in warzones, he can't be bothered to show up for veterans, he can't even lay a damn wreath at Arlington National Cemetery on Veterans Day. He invents stupidass reasons to ship them away from home during the holidays, and by "reasons" we mean scaring racist white people with mirages of marauding hordes of caravan people was his entire midterm election strategy. (Maybe that's why his approval rating among active duty troops is in the process of sliding into hell.) We know that it's baked in that his followers are such a brainwashed cult that they either will deny Trump is shitty to the troops, or they will come up with reasons why it's OK for him to be terrible, where if Barack Obama had done one quarter of one percent of the stuff Trump does to the troops, Fox News would be calling for impeachment. WE KNOW.

Retired Admiral William McRaven led the Navy SEAL team that fucking murdered Osama bin Laden upon Barack Obama's orders, many decades after bone spurs foreclosed on what were surely Donald Trump's dreams of serving America in the military. The night it happened, Donald Trump was trying not to cry in public because Obama was makin' fun of him at the White House Correspondents Dinner.

McRaven wrote a column a while back saying that if the president was going to be revoking the security clearances of heroes like John Brennan, then please sir, take his away too. Obviously that made Trump mad, so he finally responded during his interview with Fox News's Chris Wallace. He kept childishly barking "Hillary! Clinton! Fan!", effectively cutting Wallace off from asking him about the Navy SEAL who killed bin Laden, who also happens to think Trump should go jump off a bridge. Trump said McRaven should have killed bin Laden faster.

Trump doubled down on Twitter today.

Oh, he didn't mention McRaven there, but his intention was clear. Of course, he's full of shit, because when McRaven got the order to go fuckin' kill bin Laden, he went and fuckin' killed bin Laden.

Here's the guy who claims he fired the kill shots into bin Laden's brain, reminding us that actually that night's events had nothing to do with politics:

Now, this is the point where the rest of the GOP usually tends to pretend it's been studiously avoiding Trump's Twitter feed and claims it hasn't even been following the news, so when mean journalists say things like "Are you on board with Donald Trump tweeting that it's time to rape the puppies," it can feign ignorance. (FACTCHECK: Trump has never tweeted that, so far.)

Not this time, buddy!

Oh go fuck yourself, Ronna ROMNEY McDaniel or whomever is on Twitter duty today at GOP HQ today. Yes, McRaven was a possibility as a Hillary Clinton running mate. He was also on Trump's short list for national security adviser, but instead Trump gave it to a literal actual foreign agent traitor who's now a cooperating witness in the Robert Mueller investigation, due to be sentenced in a matter of weeks.

So there is your modern GOP, folks. They have decided, after being spanked in the midterms in the House (while barely squeaking out a Senate win on a map that couldn't have been more favorable to them if they had drawn it themselves), to tether themselves to Trump fully. May they be rewarded for that as richly as they deserve.

It's worth noting, of course, that the tweet above is getting ratio-ed to death, so that's fun.

Anyway, please remember this next time anybody in the Republican party ties a yellow ribbon 'round their dick and asks you to swallow the bullshit notion that they are the party of the troops. They don't give a solitary fuck about the troops.

They don't even respect the guy who fucking killed bin Laden.

God bless America, indeed.

Oh hey, this is your OPEN THREAD.

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