GOP Losers Welcome Christie And Huckabee To The Kids' Debate: Liveblog!

Sad and sadder

Is it already loser o'clock on a day that ends in "y" again? Why, yes it is. And you know what that means: Republican debate night!

In a sexciting plot twist, former main show showoffs Chris Christie and Mike Huckabee have been demoted to the undercard hour, and the losingest losers are losing so hard, they have to sit at home on their cum-stained sofas and watch on the TV, like the rest of us. Sorry, Lindsey Graham and RINO George "9/11 Plus 9/11 Also 9/11" Pataki, but your zeroes are so fat, you are no longer invited to the pregame show. Awwwww.

Jim Gilmore is never invited to anything because who is he again? Never mind, doesn't matter.

Come on in, the water's ... well, probably mostly kiddie piss, but what the heck? Your liveblog beings now-ish.


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