GOP Paid Son of John Ensign's Mistress $5,400 During Era of Sexytime

We knew there had to be a "paying off some 19-year-old boy" aspect of this dull John Ensign story, and here it is: A Republican committee paid Nevada Senator John Ensign's illicit girlfriend's son $5,400 during the SAME EXACT TIME Ensign and the lady were humping. This teen-ager wasgiven the dirty GOP money for "research policy consulting," which is even more bogus-sounding that our business expenses. ALSO: Our friends at the Las Vegas Gleaner inform us that Ensign was putting his peen into this lady before he was legally separated from his wife.

AND ADDITIONALLY: Ensign is the "star relief pitcher" for the GOP's fancy baseball team performing right now at Nationals Park, and he didn't show up for the game. COME ON DUDE IT IS FOR CHARITY STOP BEING A DICK SO MUCH.

There are about nine other bubbling mini-scandals in this "oh hell it's June, we'll take it" scandal of the year, so go to the aforementioned Las Vegas Gleaner and learn every detail, hurry! [Las Vegas Gleaner/Los Angeles Times]


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