GOP Senate Candidate Excited To Murder All Us 'Godless Communists'

GOP Senate Candidate Excited To Murder All Us 'Godless Communists'

MAGA Pastor Jarrin Jackson announced his plans to run for state Senate in Oklahoma this week, complete with an extremely normal and well-adjusted seeming campaign ad. Standing in front of a pick-up-truck, donning his jazziest Osh Kosh B'Goshes, Jackson menacingly sharpens a knife and prattles on about how he wants to be "unleashed" for the purposes of fighting a war against communism.

Jackson is a Christian nationalist and former soldier with a great love of militias and a penchant for extreme violence — a personality cocktail that has not, may we just note, always worked out so great for the state of Oklahoma.

RWW News: Jarrin Jackson Is Running for Office To Fight Godless Commies

“We are at war with communism. Or I should say, communism is at war with us. This war is designed to not look like a war," Jackson, a person who definitely knows what communism is, explained. "They’re coming for our kids. They’ve destroyed the economy. They’ve hostaged the government. I’m a Bible-believing Christian. I believe that the gospel of Jesus Christ is the only way to salvation. I also think it’s the only way we overcome. I think it’s the way that we win. I know it’s the way that we win. I’m running for state senate, and on June 28, I’d like to ask for your vote and for you to unleash me.”

This, as RightWingWatch notes, is not the first time that Jackson has expressed his thirst for communist blood. In fact, he has been known to go on and on about how "fleshly" good it would feel to shoot "godless communists" in the face. The only things keeping him from doing this, he says, is that he is a Bible believing Christian and that it might be illegal, though he's not sure about that.

Pastor Jackson also shared his beautiful dream of using military tribunals to send "godless communists" to "burn forever in a lake of fire," while speaking at a rally last year for Oklahoma GOP Senate hopeful Jackson Lahmeyer.

I would just like to state that I would not personally wish for Jarrin Jackson or literally anyone else with whom I disagree to burn in a lake of fire for all eternity, and that I definitely do not see the appeal of shooting someone in the face — and not just because I'm an atheist. After all, while I may be a socialist, I am not a sociopath.

Jackson also has some things to say on his campaign website that don't sound at all like the manifesto of a mass murderer and/or a particularly angry post on an incel messageboard:

Sexual “liberation” and Darwin’s lie of evolution have misled an entire generation of Americans to believe that God does not exist and that degenerate sexual behavior should be accepted. Our children are being exposed to sexually explicit materials at a young age in public school, and have become the targets of the worst kinds of sexual predators. We must speak out and root out perversion from our society for the sake of our children. Moreover, we must give every child the opportunity of life, and raise every child to love their neighbors as God loves us, instead of hating others because their skin color fits a narrative.

Gee, I wonder what would happen were someone to make a chart detailing the numbers of convicted sexual predators who are teachers who tell kids that LGBTQ+ people exist vs. the numbers of convicted sexual predators who are members of the Christian clergy. That doesn't exist, sadly, but there is a study showing that 93 percent of convicted child molesters describe themselves as religious, a far higher rate than the general population of the US, in which only 71 percent describe themselves as religious.

The state of Oklahoma has outlawed red flag laws, but they just may want to consider keeping a close eye on whatever replaced the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building should Jackson lose his election, given his ideological similarities to another former US soldier who loved militias.


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