GOP Sex Scandal Cover-Up Would Be Huge, But It's In Missouri

Hi, sexy! - WonketteA senior administration official groping and kissing his gal employees, the chief executive covering the whole thing up, Democrats calling it worse than Watergate, silence payments made from government checking accounts -- this would be the greatest scandal of the year, but it's just some Missouri governor/agriculture director thing.

But just in case it eventually involves a ritual murder (because otherwise this is never going national), we've got the creepy rundown ... after the jump.

* Agriculture Director Fred Ferrell was allowed to stay on the job even though everybody knew he was humping on his female employees, who did not care for this behavior.

* "This is the most bungled cover-up by a Republican administration since Watergate," said Sen. Chuck Graham, D-Columbia.

* Governor Matt Blunt let Ferrell pay a $70,000 sex-harassment settlement payment out of ag department funds.

* Ferrell said his assistant, Christine Roark, "was not the brightest tool in the shed but that she was his 'show dog.'"

* There's a 40-page investigation report by the Highway Patrol, for some reason, and everybody in Missouri politics thinks it's some crazy stuff.

* Ex-Senator Jim Talent thought Ferrell was a great old perv.

Gov. Blunt on the hot seat [St. Louis Today]

Missouri Director of Ag Fred Ferrell [Flickr]


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