GOP So Mad Someone's Doing Science On Crazy Internet Trolls

A group of meddling congressional Democrats is planning to stick up for science in the House chamber this afternoon -- but don't worry, their post-enlightenment nonsense won't be tolerated.

The action comes in response to the Secret Science Reform Act of 2014, sponsored by Arizona Rep. David Rep. Schweikert, which heads to the floor today. That bill is pretty much exactly as ridiculous as you would expect of a piece of Republican legislation with that name. You see, in right wing circles it is well known that most “peer-reviewed science” falls apart if exposed to the scrutiny of anonymous Internet trolls. Thus, this bill would prevent the Environmental Protection Agency from basing any action on review by these secret “scientists,” until all their data has been released publicly for the tin foil wearers to properly examine.

In many cases, such public disclosure is impossible because of privacy laws, but hey, tough luck for the EPA. And, for people who like to breathe, or drink water, or whatnot.

I can report EXCLUSIVELY FOR WONKETTE that handsome young Joe Kennedy III, who has to sit through hearings on this kind of idiocy as a member of the House Committee on Science, Space, and Technology, intends to offer an amendment this afternoon, with the backing of a number of his fellow Democrats. The change would, essentially, reaffirm that when all else fails, the EPA could rely a little bit on peer-reviewed scientific literature to inform its decisions about, you know, science.

My impression is that the Republican majority will dispose of such heresy, although it is unclear whether Galileo-level punishment will be ordered for Kennedy.

Update 1:20 p.m.: You can watch the floor debate now on the SPAN.


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