Well good heavens and land sakes, there are some Republicans out there who are mildly displeased that Donald Trump, on foreign soil, keeps playing kissy-kissy with the North Korean dictator, taking Kim Jong Un's side over his own national security adviser, and giggling along with Kim because (kneeslapper!) they both think Joe Bidan [sic] is a "low IQ" person. And if Trump keeps this up, some of these Republicans might just shake their heads and say "naughty naughty!" but not to the president's face, because Dear Leader does not allow that.

Let's start with the one elected Republican who can actually be called a serious person these days, despite how he is in all other ways a wingnut.

Hahahaha, PSYCH! That's GOP Rep. Justin Amash, who has written yet another Seth Abramson thread on Twitter today on why Donald Trump should be impeached. As far as we can tell, he hasn't had much to say about Trump playing footsie with Kim's pocket rocket this weekend. But he might speak up!

Talking Points Memo collected a few responses from elected Republicans who might get around to doing something about the fucking nutbag in the White House, you know, like if they happen to find the box in the attic where they misplaced their patriotism:

Very good, Adam Kinzinger! We'd add that actually it doesn't need to be Memorial Day weekend for it to be wrong for the president to side with the NORTH KOREAN DICTATOR over the former vice president of the United States. It's sorta kinda wrong all the time!

And Peter King will put his money where his mouth is ... nope, never!

Lindsey Graham, speaking to Brian Kilmeade on Fox News Radio:

KILMEADE: Were you disappointed the president took that question in Japan and agreed with Kim Jong-un about the I.Q. of Joe Biden?

SEN. GRAHAM: Yes, I don't think it is very helpful to agree with Kim Jong-un when he makes political observations inside of America ...

But actually Lindsey Graham is fine with it because ...

... but the visit was very successful and the Japanese really admire President Trump for being strong.

Oh fuck you, Lindsey, the Japanese don't admire shit about your dumbfuck trash king.

That sound you hear? It's Lindsey Graham's dead former best friend John McCain rolling around in his tomb yelling dictators' names in Amy Klobuchar's general direction.

But don't you worry, kids, there were more Republicans who were VERY GRRRRR about what Trump has been saying and doing in Japan, and they expressed their displeasure by reluctantly curling their lips and shrugging like "Well, whatcha gonna do!" The Washington Post collected all their responses:

Sen. Joni Ernst (Iowa), said she "certainly wouldn't trust" Kim.

No, that's it. In an article where the headline says "members of both parties criticize Trump's 'confidence' in Kim Jong un," they quoted Adam Kinzinger's tweet and Joni Ernst saying AW SHUCKS FIDDLESTICKS, she wouldn't trust Chairman Kim with her best pair of bread bags, but OH WELL. And that's all.

Want more head-shaking? Here is a panel on Fox News from Monday night, but don't worry, it's not one of the shows the network's viewers love, it's just Bret Baier's show. They at least agreed that Trump's behavior was "shameful," not that Fox News is going to do anything about it.

For the record, Biden himself has finally responded, with a simple statement that says Trump's behavior and comments say more about Trump than they do about anybody else, and directly compares it to that time Trump met Vladimir Putin in Helsinki and proceeded to turn into a wet puddle of fanboi all over the nice Finnish floor, leaving a Trump stain that's probably still there, if we had to guess

And that is your late breaking update on the most recent example of President Foreign Agent being a foreign agent who actively works to undermine America each and every day, and the political party that's totally cool with that these days.

The end!


[Fox News / Washington Post]

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