GOP: No ‘Unity’ So Long As Democrats Insist On Existing!

After the previous White House occupant raised a MAGA mob against Congress, Republicans have falsely equated a violent insurrection with peaceful resistance to a presidential administration. Remember when white ladies wore pink hats on January 21, 2017? That's just the same as Confederate-flag wielding white supremacists storming the Capitol and chanting, “Hang Mike Pence!"

During an interview with Greta Van Susteren, House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy tried to pin the blame on the donkey.

McCarthy [...] noted the division in the country and the protests that followed [the last presidential] inauguration four years earlier. "What do we write on our social media? What do we say to one another? How do we disagree and still not be agreeable even when it comes to opinion?" he said.

Can't we all just get along, while hiding from the mob a sitting president incited?

McCarthy didn't have some grand epiphany about the negative impact of rightwing media's 24-hour outrage cycle. No, he just charged Democrats with the high crime of putting up a fight during a Republican presidential administration.

"We all owe some responsibility here too, what our rhetoric has been, the different language that people have used, what you said on social media. We have risen these temperatures so great. In the last inaugural, we started with, 'resist.' We have members of Congress saying we should get in other people's faces. We need to lower the temperature. We need to understand that we're all Americans, and we need to start respecting differences of opinion, he said in a video posted to his Facebook page on January 16.

A healthy democracy demands principled opposition to whoever's in power. There's no obligation to roll over and play dead in American politics, although Democrats have tried their best at times. Our declared #Resistance to the late, unlamented administration is not the same as MAGA's refusal to recognize that President Joe Biden actually won the 2020 election fair and square. The latter was part of an unprecedented assault on our democracy. The former was consistent with how Republicans reacted to Barack Obama and Bill Clinton.

McCarthy grossly called out Rep. Maxine Waters, who suggested citizens should publicly confront officials who were responsible for locking up children in cages, which we can agree is a greater offense than simply winning a presidential race. Republicans will cynically interpret every heated word a Democrat says as a call for violence. Meanwhile, Republican Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene posed with a large gun next to images of House Reps. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Ilhan Omar, and Rashida Tlaib. Failed Alabama Republican Senate candidate Bradley Byrne ran an ad where Omar's scary, brown face appeared in flames. (She wasn't actually running in the Alabama Senate race.)

Florida GOP Senator Marco Rubio “loved" when a MAGA mob tried to run Joe Biden's campaign bus off the road. Now he's had his fill of “divisive" politics, which means he has no intention of holding the previous president accountable for his not-so-light treason.

This spineless human Bible-verse-of-the-day calendar thinks President Klan Robe bears some responsibility for a violent insurrection that killed five people, including a police officer, but he'll move quickly to avoid an actual trial because it'll just piss off MAGA, who are admittedly prone to violence.

The living weasel libel also opposes barring the former insurrectionist-in-chief from holding office again: “Who are we to tell voters who they can vote for?" Rubio doesn't think the government can regulate how people vote. We're not talking about women's bodies or anything. Let's remind Florida's senior senator what the Constitution says on the subject.

Article II, section 4 provides that officers impeached and convicted "shall be removed from office"; Article I, section 3, clause 7 provides further that "judgment in cases of impeachment shall not extend further than to removal from office, and disqualification to hold and enjoy any office of honor, trust or profit under the United States."

Rubio is a senator, more or less, so he is empowered to “tell voters who they can vote for" if said person was impeached and convicted. But we can't have “division," even though Rubio has already declared his intent to oppose President Biden's “radical left agenda."

Biden can't have a "honeymoon," a schlubby Rubio declared in a Twitter video, because Biden is rubbing everyone's faces in the fact that he's the president now. Here's how Rubio apparently defines “unity": we can't hold a criminal former president accountable because a minority of the country are members of his deranged cult, and we can't permit an actual Democratic president to implement an actual Democratic agenda that a clear majority of the country wants.

Rubio and McCarthy are hypocrites and frauds, and that's about the nicest thing you can say about the current Republican party.

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Stephen Robinson

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