The GOP has a woman voter problem. Recent polls show Donald Trump and his Republican stooges losing young women, perhaps permanently. Black women have never had time for their sorry asses, but college-educated white women have started to wise up since Trump took office. Even white working-class women are sneaking a peek at Joe Biden.

So, how does the GOP solve a problem like Maria and several million other women? They're gonna double down and behave like misogynistic assholes! Look, we don't care if they throw this election, so long as they lose big.

Monday, Republican House Rep. Ted Yoho approached Democratic Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez as she was about to enter the Capitol to cast a vote. He called her “disgusting," which is harsh, but maybe she was eating a sloppy sandwich while texting with grease-stained fingers. I hate that. No, it turns out she'd expressed an opinion.

During a campaign event where she literally handed out food to hungry people, Ocasio-Cortez suggested like the radical commie she is that economic conditions might influence crime rates. Whoa, hold off on the quarantine boilermakers, congresswoman! Bartender, heal thyself.

AOC: When people do not have opportunities, I can tell you from my personal experience and what I saw growing up, when families don't have money, a lot of times young people and teens that feel like they need to support their mom, sometimes they'll turn to selling drugs, which can then lead to an escalated level of trouble, to what police label as gang activity.

So the idea that violent crime is somehow immune, or totally separated, from the economic situation that people are going through right now, I think that's mistaken. It's true. The desperation, even if we're not talking about petty theft, there is a ladder that escalates into violent crime that is very much connected to the economic situation of a given community.

White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany said Ocasio-Cortez's Les Miserables fan fiction was “preposterous" and it's not poverty and unemployment that leads to crime but people criticizing police officers. Criminals apparently can tell when cops have the sads. McEnany proceeded to name drop a murdered infant and claim the child was in her (re-election) prayers.

Yoho was even more irate with AOC's crazy talk and told her, "You are out of your freaking mind!" Ocasio-Cortez said he was rude and went on her way. However, a reporter overheard Yoho say, to her back, like a coward, “Fucking bitch."

House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer has called for the Florida congressman to apologize. I'm not holding my breath. Republicans have demonized Ocasio-Cortez over the past two years to great electoral success (not really). Why stop now, and why even stop with a brown woman who's a Democrat? Republicans are now picking fights with Satan's daughter herself, Liz Cheney, the House Republican Conference chair. Democrats have a lot of women representatives in leadership roles, but in the Republican caucus, Cheney stands alone like free-market cheese.

Several idiots stepped to the mic during a closed-door Republican meeting and whaled on Cheney. She'd “supported" Dr. Anthony Fauci and was fine with a primary challenge against Kentucky Rep. Thomas Massie. Worst of all, she wasn't suitably loyal to Trump and occasionally expressed ideas different than the president's. You could tell because they made sense.

From CNN:

The member who spoke with CNN about the exchange said the conference meeting was "off the chain" and that Republicans haven't had a conference like that since former Rep. John Boehner of Ohio was speaker.

"Jim Jordan destroyed Liz," the member, who was not involved in the pile-on, said.

I must know which super-white Republican representative used the expression “off the chain." I also refuse to believe Jordan possesses the mental acuity to “destroy" anyone.

[The House member said] Cheney fought back, saying she is supportive of Trump's agenda and sniping at Jordan for talking about how to be a team player. Jordan was a founding member of the Freedom Caucus, a group that clashed with GOP leadership for years. It appeared to members that GOP Leader Kevin McCarthy stepped in to try to get her to stop responding.

Stop talking, lady, you're making the menfolk mad!

Cheney is a professional so afterward she spun the meeting to the press as a “robust exchange of views" and steered the focus to defeating Democrats in November. Matt Gaetz and Jordan, who combined have roughly half Cheney's IQ, were fine with a public scrap like common Trumps. Gaetz probably lost the coin toss so he was the one who tweeted that Cheney should either step down or be removed as conference chair. (I repeat: Cheney is the only Republican woman in leadership.)

As if the situation wasn't ugly enough, Donald Trump Jr. volunteered himself as an outside flamethrower against Cheney.

Trump's least favorite child is right! We don't need Cheney's “endless wars" when the president is actively waging war on American cities. Cheney also voted against Trump's impeachment, so she's no Mitt Romney. But she's probably looking to survive the oncoming slaughter that these Three Amigos of Stupid don't see coming.

[The Hill / CNN]

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