Gore-Ku: Pleas and Cries

Who knew the pent-up demand for poetry about Al Gore? We've got people submitting Gore-Kus who aren't even interested in becoming the Wonkette love slave. . . they just like writing haikus about Al Gore! What pussies! Betcha a lot of them are just doing it out of Nader guilt. Here are some of the ones that don't mention ass-fucking:

What is up with his

hair? Please get a haircut

Or I vote for Bush -- JG

at the convention

you sat forlornly pensive

no longer relevant -- TM

Effort is made to

Stay relevant, but should not

Have endorsed Howard --AR

Won twice with Bubba,

Invented the Internet.

Election stolen! --YG

Gore lost four years ago

A shame Wonkette was not there

To talk about his dong. -- SB


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