Gore Will Wait For Dems To Destroy Themselves

Playing with us all .... - WonketteAl Gore just gave another semi-solid refusal to run in '08, which means his plan is working just fine.

While symbolically tossing around a replica of the Earth with spaceship billionaire Richard Branson, Gore said he hasn't "completely ruled out any possibility of running at some point in the future" but "cannot perceive circumstances in which I would."

As others have documented, the Oscar- and Nobel-nominated Gore can wait out this entire year and still pop in just in time to lock up the nomination and probably raise $200 million overnight on the Internets (which he actually invented). While just over half the voters tepidly chose him in 2000, the former enviro-nerd and anti-war guy now has the mainstream majority position on the environment, Iraq, health care, pretty much everything. And after John Kerry showed what a real crappy candidate looked like ....

Gore rules out 2008 US presidential run [AFP]


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