Gossip Columnist Forgets BCC, Angers Anonymous House Staffer On Way to 'Post'

Hi Mary Ann! - WonketteOutgoing Roll Call gossip Mary Ann Akers is off to a great new start as the new WashingtonPost.com gossip. Her farewell to Roll Call e-mail charmingly revealed all of her sources, because she put them in the CC spot instead of the BCC spot. (Note to aspiring gossip columnists: BCC means Blind Carbon Copy, which means everybody can't see everybody else who gets the e-mail.)

And people are furious. One committee aide told The Hill: "It violates your confidentiality .... It's their private e-mail. People don't want their e-mail out in public. This whole thing burned the living shit out of me as it revealed me and all the other 'leakers.' .... Anyone who is on there, I'm sure they're pissed."

Two lawmakers are on the e-mail list: Congressmen Louie Gohmert (R-Texas) and Patrick Kennedy (D-Drunky). If you have this farewell letter from Mary Ann, send it to us at once!

UPDATE! Akers' official response is after the jump. Due to a hilarious sitcom-style bicoastal mix-up, one of your editors in fact HAD received this email, but ignored it due to the fact that we get emails from people who forget to BCC pretty much daily.

Burning her sources on her way out [The Hill]

Mary Ann Akers writes:

Alex, i'm sure YOU were among those who received my farewell letter. I sent the email to friends and colleagues and, well, anyone whose email address I had, either from direct correspondence or from joint emails. That wasn't my source list! I think most of those email addresses belonged to people who emailed me statements, press releases, other public documents. I was in a huge rush to leave Roll Call, move into my new house, get married (which I did last weekend), and start my new job as a columnist at washingtonpost.com (which i did on Monday, after returning from Barbardos on Sunday). I would NEVER reveal any of my secret sources on a mass email list. But I apologize and really feel terrible if anyone who received my farewell email felt that I had double crossed them. I just had too much going on at once. I should have realized that it could be wrongly interpreted as something it was not. So, to everyone who received my farewell email -- hello! And to all my sources who weren't on the farewell email in question, I love y'all, keep those tips coming to maryann.akers@washingtonpost.com.

We once got wasted at Pharmacy Bar and started giving out Tucker Carlson's phone number to impress girls, so we sympathize.

(Kidding, Tuck!)


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