Gossip Roundup

· Just in time for his re-election campaign: Did you know that Barney Frank was gay? The Washington Times wants to make sure you remember. [WT]

· Edwards and Kerry have agreed not to wager on the Super Bowl. Bill Bennett's been running up the odds, anyway. MoveOn.org ad controversy. Kucinich set to win at least one primary -- the one in the Ritz Carlton. [Insert limousine liberal joke here.] [Roll Call]

· Roger Ailes tells Franken he won't appear on Franken's new show. Dodges body blow. [NYDN]

· Is Fox News harboring terrorists? Halliburton gives image ads a try. Mary Matalin is totally pissed at Carville telling everybody that she's "usually on the bottom." She's on top, ok? [WP]


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