Gossip Roundup: After the Freak Show

Out & About: Post-party wrap-up. McLaughlin: Laura "was successful in disabusing any thoughts that she's a Christian fundamentalist extremist." And inviting Elizabeth Smart to the dinner is weird. [WP]

Lloyd Grove's Lowdown: Restauranteur Carol Joynt summarizes: "It doesn't matter how many powerful politicians you have in the room if you've got a B-grade TV lowlife with ratings, that's all that matters. You know that this dinner is a freak show, and the biggest freak is always going to get the most applause." [NYDN]

Washington Whispers: Kerry is set for '08. . . Chris Wallace skews young. . . Bolten, Card sung version of "Born to Be Wild" that was about budgetary matters. [USN&WR]

Rush & Molloy: McGreevey is getting friendly with Newsom aide. [NYDN]

Inside the Beltway: Ashcroft establishes consulting services. [WT]


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