* Reliable Source:Art Buchwald phones in from a hospice in Washington: "It's like the Ritz-Carlton in Florida.". . . Wax figure of Hillary is unveiled in New York. [WP]

* Rush & Molloy:George Clooney: "I love how they're trying to blame the other guy for getting shot. Unless the guy is 20 feet tall, Cheney wasn't aiming in the right direction." [NYDN]

* Lloyd Grove's Lowdown:Mary Matalin tells "Today" show viewers that the Pentagon was forthcoming about Abu Ghraib. [NYDN]

* Page Six:George Soros incites counter-attack commercials in Texas after funding ads against Rep. Tom DeLay. . . In light of Cheney's hunting accident, Republicans dredge up Chappaquiddick. [NYP]

* Cindy Adams: Republicans mumbling about a McCain-Rice ticket. Says Henry Kissinger, "But John, Condoleeza is only just a staff person." [NYP]


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