Reliable Source:Scooter Libby met with lawyers at a cafe near Union Station, openly discussed the leak case, drank diet Dr Pepper, and purchased cookies. . . Bushes have lunch with Rep. John Dingell to celebrate his 50 years in Congress. [WP]

Inside the Beltway:Bono changed Sen. Jesse Helms' views on AIDS. . . Terry McAuliffe's book is titled "Bring it On!" [WT]

Page Six:Maureen Dowd: "If there had been no Monica Lewinsky, there would have been no Sen. [Hillary] Clinton. She had to run as a victim because she was seen as so controlling". . . Bill McCuddy of Fox News: "One of our makeup artists got Kofi Annan ready for a TV appearance at the U.N. the other day. Kind of embarrassing, when she told him the makeup was oil-based, out of habit he gave her food.". . . Karl Rove, dining at 21 with Ken Mehlman, devours beef tenderloin. . . Hillary Clinton's deputy state director, Tyson Pratcher, will run for Harold Ford's congressional seat [NYP, NYP]

Cindy Adams:Jeanine Pirro expected to run for attorney general instead of the senate. [NYP]

The Scoop:Viggo Mortensen: "I


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