Gossip Roundup: Breakaway Burkas Edition

Al Franken says that while on a USO tour of Iraq he became "irrationally attached" to U.S. Army officers. Not that there's anything wrong with that. Speaking of which: The Washington Times would like to remind you that Barney Frank is gay. [WT]

Paul O’Neill: not so good at public relations, excellent psychic. To Tim Russert in 2002: "I want to be here as long as the president thinks I'm providing value to him." Osama opening in DC tomorrow: "This movie will sear your soul!" says Colin Powell. Hillary hawks Warhol-esque T-shirts. In the Virginia House of Delegates, Lionell Spruill Sr. (D-Chesapeake) said the resolution of Albert Pollard Jr. (D-Westmoreland) scolding Tittygate had a "racist tone," Kenneth Cooper Alexander (D-Norfolk) said it was hypocrisy to single out Jackson when the commonwealth's flag and seal depict a woman with one breast bared. (The Virginia flag did not, however, perform at the Super Bowl.) [WP]

Sen. John McCain will receive the Writers Guild of America East award for his anti-media consolidation stance. [NYP]

More Franken: Hates Bush, loves America. What we love: Breakaway burkas! "Troops went wild when the girl group No Illusion and cheerleaders Kelley and Katie Cornwell performed a wild routine wearing burkas that tore away to reveal skimpier outfits." More on the Marc Jacobs Hillary shirts (we'd prefer a purse, FYI). [NYDN]

Naomi Wolf is accusing Harold Bloom of sexual harassment when she was his student. (Did they have sexual harassment back then? Like, he asked to see her ankles or something?) [NYDN]


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