Gossip Roundup: Chunky Genes Edition

Washington Whispers:Luntz says Kerry's ads work, it's the candidate's live appearances that need help. . . Fred Thompson re-upped at NBC. . . Kerry aide: "Maybe if George Bush and his chicken-hawk buddies had seen battle, they'd know the difference between props and equipment that saves lives.". . . Kerry and JFK both sign as JK. [USN&WR]

Heard on the Hill: Slogan of new Bush-friendly ketchup: "Making Sure Kerry Doesn�t Ketchup to Dubya!" Heinz Co. flak responds, "Our ketchup is neither Democratic nor Republican. Our only leaning is toward hamburgers and hot dogs. Heinz ketchup is an equal opportunity condiment." [Roll Call]

Inside the Beltway:Laura's commencement address: "But I couldn't recall who gave the commencement address at the University of Texas in 1973. Maybe because that -- and I hate to admit it -- I skipped the ceremony. But I did look it up and I found out who gave that commencement address. And you can imagine my surprise when I discovered that it was some guy named George Bush. Four years after that speech, I married his son.". . . Maxine Waters: "I have to march because my mother could not have an abortion.". . . 1 in 3 adults believe politics and government are too complicated. [WT]

Page Six: Chatters disagree with Tina Brown's comments on Bush voters. Says one, "I have a flash for Tina. When it comes to elections, anyone who votes is a 'power player.' They must have nightmares about all of us little nobodies going to vote." [NYP]

Cindy Adams:Clinton's book--based on 4,000 handwritten pages--is not finished and will sell for over $35. [NYP]

Rush & Molloy:Kennedy on losing 40 pounds: "In my family, I was the one born with the chunky genes. I was also born with a good set of political genes. Because of my enthusiasm for John Kerry's campaign, the political genes are keeping the chunky genes in check." [NYDN]


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