• Heard on the Hill:Rep. Robert Andrews (D-NJ) was heard discussing a money scandal involving Sen. Bob Menendez on a train to Jersey Thursday, before the story broke publicly. Quote: ""We are still reeling from Torricelli -- third strike and you're out." It is suspected that Andews wishes to replace Menedez on the ballot for US Senate... "Missouri Sens. Jim Talent (R) and Kit Bond (R) introduced a bill on Thursday, S. 3867, to designate the new federal courthouse in Cape Girardeau, Mo., the 'Rush L. Limbaugh Sr. Federal Courthouse,'" after the portly drug-addict's lawyer grandfather. [Roll Call]

  • Yeas and Nays: WUSA-9 morning anchor Mike Walter regrets describing the plane that hit the Pentagon as "like a cruise missile with wings." [Examiner]

  • Washington Whispers:John Kerry watched Croc Hunter Steve Irwin regularly in Iowa in '04, did impressions, lost election... Senator Tom Harkin wants our soldiers to wear socks made of corn. [USN&WR]

  • Daily Dish: New York's former medical examiner says Bill Clinton says he tried very, very hard to kill Osama bin Laden. [NYDN]


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