• Heard on the Hill: Democrats are putting grainy photos of Tom DeLay, Michael Brown, and Harriet Myers on reporters' chairs in the Capitol, thus bugging the hell out of everyone... "Pro-business, tax-cutting conservative Democrats" to form Congressional voting bloc group. Problem: Only four of them, no cool name yet. We suggest "The Republicans." [Roll Call]

  • Reliable Source: Former Defense Secretary Bill Cohen pitched a tv show about the Pentagon called "E-Ring." Jerry Bruckheimer stole his idea a couple years later... President Bush and Karl Rove hold fundraiser two doors down from Hillary Clinton fundraiser. Neither calls cops on other. [WP]

  • Yeas and Nays: Smartass Jeopardy-winning pseudo-celeb Ken Jennings knows what a Wonkette is. When asked what bar the Bush Twins used to frequent, answers "The Cock and Balls." Examiner editors clean it up... Rep. Ed Markey (D-Mass) throws karaoke fundraiser, somehow neglects to invite us. [Examiner]

  • Under the Dome:Rep. Tom Feeney (R-Fla.) calls his opponent crazy, starts website subtitled "A Political and Satirical Website Dedicated to the Tinfoil Tales of Crazy Clint Curtis... The white supremacist guy from that Nation picture still likes George Allen, has Jewish friend. [The Hill]

  • Lowdown:Karl Rove is on a protein shake diet. The protein comes from the baby meat. [NYDN]

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