• Heard on the Hill:Jim Sensenbrenner brought milkbones to a House Judiciary Committee meeting after Dan Lungren claimed the chairmen treated them "like dogs." "The chairman sent an aide to a pet store to buy a new leash and collar for Lungren..." Senate Commerce, Science and Transportation Committee spokesperson on the Ted Stevens "Series of Tubes" parody song: "I am sure the chairman will want to download this to his iPod." [Roll Call]

  • Gatecrasher:Jeff Gannon on Rick Santorum's gay press secretary: "I think it's a tribute to Rick Santorum. I think it says a lot about the man." On Media Matters' David Brock: "At 35, he decided that he loved shoving dollar bills down the pants of the twinks down at [D.C. gay strip club] Wet." [NYDN]

  • Page Six: Ex strip club bouncer tells of having to kick Bill Maher out for rudeness. Maher's publicist insists he never gets thrown out of strip clubs. [NYP]

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