Gossip Roundup: Fightin' Frogs Edition

Out & About:Isaacson looks for the next Nitze in crowd of Wolfowitz, O'Connor, and Negroponte. . . Judy Woodruff explains Bob Schieffer's "kinky passion" for "horny" toads. [WP]

Heard on the Hill:Sen. Carl Levin (D-Mich.) wins "worst hair in Congress" award by a landslide, followed by Lott and Kucinich; 11 write-in Kerry . . . Weekly World News reports 12 members of Congress are aliens: "Space alien females tend to be homely or even look like men in wigs and women�s clothes. If a Congresswoman purports to be a female but doesn�t quite look it, you�ll want to keep an eye on her.". . . Kerry biography by Boston Globe reporters will explore his "complex yet riveting personal and professional history." John, Teresa, Kennedy, Rove, Card, and Nader invited to launch party. [Roll Call]

Inside Politics:Clinton told 9/11 panel he warned Bush about bin Laden. . . Kerry gets bad grades for social issues from one focus group. . . Cheney attacks Kerry on guns. . . Omarosa showed Racicot some apartments pre-"Apprentice." She gave him her resume and he forwarded it around. [WT]

Lloyd Grove's Lowdown:Julia Gorin: "John Kerry better hope Hillary doesn't decide to become his running mate. Does he really think she'll let him live long enough to see the first 100 Days? She's not waiting four years to become President; she'll let him get inaugurated, but then he'll go the way of Ron Brown, Vince Foster and Buddy the dog." [NYDN]


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