Reliable Source: People magazine puts Patrick Fitzgerald under "Smart Guys" in their "Sexiest Man" issue. . . Ted Koppel can do strong impressions of Henry Kissinger and Barbara Walters. [WP]

Under the Dome:Dean Barkley, who was tapped to serve out Paul Wellstone's term, now manages Kinky Friedman's campaign for governor of Texas. . . Eight people show up for Rep. David Hobson's (R-Ohio) pheasant-hunting fundraiser. . . The Kennedys, Kerry, Hillary, and Scarborough honor Robert F. Kennedy on his 80th birthday. . . Spokesmen for DeLay and Hillary are awarded "Flak Jacket" honors. [The Hill]

Lloyd Grove's Lowdown:Rove's attorney may have purchased an "I Love Karl Rove" shirt. [NYDN]


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