Gossip Roundup: Is He Kidding? No One Saw Gigli Edition

Names & Faces: Bloomberg donates $10,000 to Kalorama park and sends out invites to neighbors to quell complaints over this year's after party. . . Selleck on Capitol Hill for an education cause: "We don't lobby. We want moral support. I'm going on the Hill to say hello to my bipartisan friends. I know it's such a good story because apparently there's only three Republicans in Hollywood [but] I've given about the same amount of money to Democratic presidential candidates as Republicans in the last 10 years.". . . Kinsley heads to LAT editorial and opinion pages. . . Affleck on Kennedy: "Perhaps the senator saw my movie 'Gigli' last fall and figured I'd be working for minimum wage myself." [WP]

Inside the Beltway: WWII veteran: "The behavior of the Democrat opposition today is disgraceful and presents to the world a spectacle of national disunity that gives aid and comfort to our enemies. It ought to be an affront to every patriotic American." [WT]

Inside Politics: On BET, Kerry on Sharpton: "If he wants to [speak at the convention], I'd like him to do it. I think he'd do a terrific job. I think he'll add something. That's my call. He certainly earned the right to be part of this process, and I think he can be very, very helpful in motivating people, in helping to register people.". . . Pelosi says "under God" must be included in pledge.


Rush & Molloy:Moby makes nasty proposal to Bush at same-sex marriage benefit, which included Bernhard, Cho, Cumming, and Lou Reed. [NYDN]

Liz Smith:Stephanopoulos and Wentworth attend star-studded film premiere. [NYP]

Page Six:Sharpton offers NYP commission if they uncover unclaimed property for him. [NYP]


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