* Reliable Source: Jessica Simpson maintains smile throughout brief trip to Capitol Hill. . . Gore may have exaggerated the response of conservatives to his film. . . Olympic speedskater Joey Cheek meets Bush, Pelosi. [WP]

* Inside the Beltway: After Sunday services, Bush changes from his suit to his biking gear faster than a speeding bullet. . . Scott McClellan on rumors of a shakeup: "This is part of the inside Washington babble that goes on in this town. It's part of the parlor game." [WT]

* Page Six: Susan Sarandon on Sen. Clinton: "I find Hillary to be a great disappointment. . . She's not worse than other politicians, but I hoped she would be better. What America is looking for is authentic people who want to go into public service because they strongly believe in something, not people who are [just] trying to get elected." [NYP]


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