Lloyd Grove's Lowdown:Karl Rove has been suffering with kidney stones for weeks. . . Terry McAuliffe is writing a memoir. [NYDN]

Names & Faces:Paul Wolfowitz, Queen Noor, Karl Rove join the Bush family on Washington's "most invited" list. [WP]

Page Six: Scenes from the Christopher Hitchens-George Galloway debate. Galloway: "What you have witnessed is a phenomenon, the first metamorphosis in natural history of a butterfly back into a slug... and the one thing a slug leaves behind it is a trail of slime.". . . Joke circulating on the internet: "Q: What is George W. Bush's position on Roe vs. Wade? A: He really doesn't care how people get out of New Orleans.". . . Bill Maher: "Michael Brown, the head of FEMA has been relieved of his command. He has been asked to return to Washington immediately. He is expected to arrive in about a week." [NYP, NYP]

Rush & Molloy:Tony Blair and posse dined at SoHo House in New York. [NYDN]


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