* Heard on the Hill:Lieberman's new flack: hack-of-all-trades Marhsall "Bullshit Moose" Whittmann. Only problem: he's a Republican and Senator WALNUTS McCain's strongest supporter. And he's one helluva media whore... The Starbucks on New Jersey and E has this "customer testimonial" from "Timothy H., congressional page:" "When I bought a case of Starbucks coffee, the text messages stopped coming" ... Former Tom Daschle flack starts Pro-Obama website, emails everyone on Hill about it... Katherine Harris news: "She's sitting at home plotting her future and secretly hoping (praying?) that Vern's election is overturned so that she can run again in '08," former Harris staffer says. Please, Jesus. [Roll Call]

* Reliable Source: The Youth of Today! Or, like a couple years ago: Gen X'ers in positions of mostly-ceremonial power! Rep. Adam Putnam, Aged 8! Some Rep.-elect named "Kirsten!" [WP]

* Yeas and Nays:Esther Coopersmith holds a Thanksgiving Party for diplomats. Some of us just went to Galaxy Hut and sang karaoke, but that sounds cool too... A fond look back at the US before Iraq: Get Rich Or Die Tryin' topped the charts, America thrilled to Eugene Levy's embarrassing white-guy-rapping gimmick in Bringing Down the House. Truly a more innocent time... Senator whose state loves her the most: Olympia Snowe... Bob Novak went to the Panthers game with a young lady, didn't have a very good time. [Examiner]

* Page Six: NY AG-elect Andrew Cuomo hired Clinton FBI head/Whitewater obsessive Louis Freeh. [NYP]


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