• Heard on the Hill: 150 boxes marked Tom DeLay and filled with photos, papers, and video tapes were sitting in a Rayburn subbasement Monday. [Roll Call]

  • Yeas and Nays:Senator Robert Byrd advised Barack Obama not to run for President in 2008, because the Senate is secretly better and more important. Obama wisely does not repeat Byrd's "it's called the White house, son" comment. Also, the President promptly had an aide sanitize his hands the first time he shook Obama's hand... Proving that this town desperately needs a good music store, Stevie Wonder was forced to brave mook metalheads at Guitar Center when he needed a new keyboard [Examiner]

  • Under the Dome:President Bush, on the Hill to persuade Congress to abdicate a couple more of their Constitutional powers to him, causes Nancy Pelosi to almost -- almost -- say something funny... Sundance Channel's The Hill proves it: Girls fuck Republicans, marry Democrats. [The Hill]

  • Reliable Source: 300 rich people at a polo match scramble to pick up dollar bills strewn across the field. Sadly, Luis Bunuel too dead to film it. [WP]

  • Lowdown:Josh Hartnett plays right into CIA's hands, giving his moronic support to Paul Wellstone assassination conspiracy theory, discrediting it forever. [NYDN, last item]

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