Reliable Source: Bono lunched with Bush yesterday. . . Ana Marie Cox on upcoming novel: "I now realize that it's impossible to create any Washington character without somebody thinking it's them. I shouldn't have written a novel, I should have written an index." [WP]

Under the Dome: Coburn (R-Okla.) says "it's ok if the Republicans lose control" in '06 and that "Republicans allow the next generation to pay for" their spending. . . Senators enjoy screening of "Good Night and Good Luck." [The Hill]

Inside the Beltway: Hillary, Bill Bennett, Bob Bennett, Porter Goss and others will attend tonight's reception for Louis Freeh. . . Bush, Laura and Nancy Reagan will attend tomorrow's opening of the Air Force One Pavilion at the Reagan library. [WT]

Liz Smith: Bush's "government is simply reeling with rumor. It's like the old days of Watergate with almost as much at stake." [NYP]


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