Gossip Roundup: Look up Deaniac in the Dictionary Edition

Washington Whispers: Senior administration official expects an increase in tension between the Pentagon and the State Department after the election. . . Larry Thompson, Racicot front-runners to replace Ashcroft. If Kerry wins, eyes are on New Mexico's Attorney General. . . NSA orders epidemiological study after high rate of "work-related illnesses". . . Weyrich thinks angry, first-time voters will defeat Bush. . . "Deaniac" considered for Webster's College Dictionary. . . Reiner shoots spot for MoveOn PAC. . . Jack Edwards, as a pirate, and Emma Claire, as a princess, will have Secret Service escort for Halloween. . . Devine says KE04 held ads in August to build pre-debate momentum. [USN&WR]

Inside Politics:LaDuke, Nader's 2000 running mate, endorses Kerry. [WT]

Rush & Molloy:Nixon administration veterans attack Bush in shoft films commissioned by Mother Jones. [NYDN]

Page Six:Alexandra Kerry, Adam Brody stump at gay club in Las Veags. [NYP]


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