* Reliable Source: Rep. Cynthia McKinney's "original" statement about her run-in with a Capitol Hill officer said, "It is... a shame that while I conduct the country's business, I have to stop and call the police to tell them that I've changed my hairstyle so that I'm not harassed at work." McKinney has also noted that white officers are more likely than black officers to ask for her identification: "Some things never change -- that's what Tupac said.". . . Bush called Bo Derek in 2000 to say, "Bo, let me just say that you and Josh [Bolten] together are a perfect 15.". . . ABC is shooting a pilot for a show about "young hottie D.C. bureaucrats." [WP]

* Inside the Beltway: Mayor of Bay St. Louis, Miss. attends Correspondents' Association Dinner wearing shorts to display solidarity with hurricane victims. . . Donna Brazile as Cheney walks by: "Should I duck?". . . John McLaughlin orders milk at the Morton's bar, but has fruit punch instead. [WT]


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