* Under the Dome: Justice Antonin Scalia drunk Corona and mingled with actress Doris Roberts at the Bloomberg party before looking "uncomfortable" with Ludacris. . . Meanwhile, Ludacris doesn't care about Steve Scully. . . Anna Kournikova and Drew Lachey were among the no-shows. [The Hill]

* Heard on the Hill: "A longtime aide to a senior Democratic Senator" stole George Clooney's place card. . . Cartoonist/author Anthony Haden-Guest fell asleep during Stephen Colbert's routine. . . Court TV is opening a D.C. bureau. [Roll Call]

* Reliable Source: Bush's low approval rating equal good business for impersonator Steve Bridges: "If they're too high, people get nervous: 'Is it okay to make fun of the president?'". . . Bloomberg reporter Janine Zacharia scores a private lunch with Condoleezza Rice and Tiki Barber at the State Department. [WP]

* Page Six: Blind item asks, "Which Democratic party moneybags is getting divorced because he diddled with a candidate's daughter? To cap it off, his wife, the mother of his children then had a go with her personal trainer (a woman)." [NYP]

* Rush & Molloy: Ken Mehlman: "I'm not gay. But those stories did a number on my dating life for six months." [NYDN]


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