• Rush & Molloy:Diane Sawyer most demanding VIP in Martha's Vineyard. Bill and Hillary Clinton appear everywhere at once. Newt Gingrich pitches Hillary-esque sit-com. [NYDN]

  • Lloyd Grove's Lowdown:Hillary Clinton and Gail Sheehy catfight looms (first item). [NYDN]

  • Cindy Adams: Some guy from Wyoming trashes Ann Coulter (first item). [NYP]

  • The Reliable Source:Ken Mehlman wants to share Bush's b-day presents with all Republicans (second item). Karl Rove stares at the walls (third item). [WP]

  • Liz Smith:President Bush a member of the "60 in '06" club. Other members include Diane Sawyer, Liza Minnelli, and Cher. [NYP]

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