Gossip Roundup: Non-Autobiographical Edition

Names & Faces: Young Kerry supporters infiltrate Smith Point when Barbara and Jenna --"looking very California hippie chick and cute"-- hit the scene late Friday night. . . Redford lunches with Dowd at Bombay Club. [WP]

Lloyd Grove's Lowdown: Smith Point owner comments: "The girls were drinking, and that's what these people wanted to catch them doing. I saw three different people - guys and girls - with flash cameras. Some of the guys they were with were trying to tell the Kerry people to stop taking pictures. I went over to the Kerry people and said, 'You guys are being annoying,' and told them we don't allow photography inside the bar.". . . Gephardt lunches with Bradley. [NYDN]

Rush & Molloy:Ana Marie Cox circulating comic novel. [NYDN]

Cindy Adams: Dems have 15,000 lawyers lined up nationwide. [NYP]

Liz Smith:Shriver dines with Nancy Reagan. [NYP]


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