• Heard on the Hill:Ricky Martin on the Hill to talk about human trafficking, won't break into song... The Distilled Spirits Council and the Scotch Whisky Association is throwing a party for Prince Andrew (not the Nazi). [Roll Call]

  • Yeas and Nays:Heath Shuler, former Redskin, current Congressional candidate, owes a shitload of back taxes... LAT: "Bourbon drinkers tend to be Republican; gin is more often a Democrat's drink." Tell that that to... uh, us. [Examiner]

  • Reliable Source:O Magazine declares David Gregory, Barack Obama, Fareed Zakaria, and Patrick Fitzgerald to be among the 50 "Sexiest Men Alive." [WP]

  • Rush & Molloy: Chaos at FoxNews as marital problems between Brit Hume and wife/DC bureau head Kim lead to her departure from the bureau. [NYDN]

  • Under the Dome:Rep. Chris Dodd (D-CT) is Catholic, wife is Mormon. Dodd: "At Bob Jones University, we are now a two-cult family"... "Rep. John Sweeney (R-N.Y.) has proudly accepted a $1,000 contribution from a strip-club owner." [The Hill]

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