Bush to ride with Lance Armstrong in Crawford, though without traditional cycling attire: "There are certain things that age brings with it, and not wearing the form-fitting Lycra shorts is one of them, if you know what I mean." Somehow we think things would have been different under Kerry. . . . McCain takes son and pal out to congratulatory dinner Arlington. . . 41 percent in TIME survey have no idea what to think of "Influential Hispanic" Alberto Gonzales. [WP]

At George Soros' 75th birthday party in Southampton, he "pitched giant air-conditioned tents" (heh) and invited Indian and African performers to entertain guests, moguls found planes grounded, however, and had to take car services to city. [Rush and Malloy]

That's one way to distinguish yourself from Hillary: Jeanine Pirro likes silky underthings and margaritas. [Page Six]

Novelistic take on the War on Terror has Bush asking, "Can we somehow throw a kind of electric blanket around New York?" [Cindy Adams]

Walter Isaacson keeps Washington's eyes " turned west looking to Aspen" with thrill-a-minute dialogues starring the likes of Joe Lieberman. [Liz Smith]


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