* Reliable Source: Diplomats be having parties. [WP]

* Yeas and Nays: Education Sec. Margaret Spellings was on "Celebrity" Jeopardy, set to air today. It will settle definitively and objectively whether she's purposefully mendacious or just dumb... "The Congressional Club, the 98-year-old organization of congressional spouses, held its orientation for new wives and husbands" ... "Davis" is still the most common surname in Congress... The National Capital Area Chapter of the Annual Leukemia & Lymphoma's February $1,000/plate benefit will feature "entertainment" from Bill Cosby and Hootie and the goddamn Blowfish... The Madison Club rush was alarming dry. Mole claims "this year's rush goal was to bring in more brunettes." [Examiner]

* Under the Dome: Saddest story ever: Roast of Bill Frist fails miserably when no one can think of a single funny story about him. We can think of a couple good ones... Conrad Burns continues to lose his mind, attack all reporters who dare approach him... Seersucker day in grave danger after John Cornyn ruins his suit... Katherine Harris is in this month's Playboy, but not in the way you're thinking, sicko. [The Hill]


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