• Washington Whispers: Tony Snow on his new gig: "I'm loving it". . . Bush wants to eliminate malaria in Africa. . . Clarence Thomas loves being a "techno-geek". . . Donald Powell, the czar for rebuilding the Gulf Coast, sets an example by staying low-key. . . Barbara Bush's scrapbooks are curated for her husband's museum. . . New questions raised about the legitimacy of the Zapruder film. [USN&WR]

  • Heard on the Hill: The Radio-Television Correspondents Association is holding a public meeting today in response to the dispute between Sen. Ted Stevens and CNN's Joe Johns. . . Kerry accidently crashes the birthday party for Republican Rep. Bob Ney's flack. . . DeLay retains his security detail until June 9th. [Roll Call]

  • Inside the Beltway: Scott McClellan will be on "The Tonight Show" tomorrow night. [WT]


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