Gossip Roundup: Second-Least Surprising Frank Luntz Item in the World Edition

Reliable Source:DeLay furious Doubleday sent him a complimentary copy of Kitty Kelley's book. Doubleday flack: "Considering the many ethical inquiries surrounding Representative DeLay, we understand why he prefers not to accept anything free right now.". . . Frank Luntz: "I haven't read a book cover-to-cover in two years and I only read the free newspapers at hotels and on planes." [WP]

Heard on the Hill:Boxer nearly drives over reporter. . . Bernard Shaw to be roasted. [Roll Call]

Lloyd Grove's Lowdown: Rapper Nelly on the candidates: "You don't like nobody that ain't got a little dirt on 'em. How can you trust someone who ain't got a little bit? You ain't never jaywalked? You can't relate to somebody that ain't been in a little trouble. That's why people loved Clinton. You knew he had some dirt." [NYDN]

Rush & Molloy:Giuliani lunches with Kerry staffers, plans to attend debate. [NYDN]

Page Six: "Porn for Kerry" initiative includes porn stars playing Jenna, Rumsfeld, Coulter, Franken, Ridge, Lyndie England. . . Hoffman, Keaton, Julia-Louis Dreyfus, Kazmarek, Gyllenhaal, Gores listen to RFK Jr. [NYP, NYP]


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