• Heard on the Hill:Nancy Pelosi, Dennis Hastert accidentally in same place at same time, almost have rumble... Rep. Tom Lantos to Ricky Martin: "Let me just say that while my wife of 56 years considers you devastatingly handsome, I think your true beauty lies inside.... Thank you very much, Ricky." This is funnier if you know what Lantos looks and sounds like. [Roll Call]

  • Yeas and Nays: Tonight is the last episode of The Hill, cast members basking in minor premium cable fame. [Examiner]

  • Reliable Source:Prince Andrew: "There is something very special about whiskey"... Maryland Senate campaign getting weirder as Michael Steele films ads with a puppy (not his), Ben Cardin forced to counter that he, too, loves puppies. [WP]

  • Under the Dome: Apparently, the American League of Lobbyists declared this "Ethics Awareness Month." [The Hill]

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