• Heard on the Hill:Mark Foley is out of "rehab." The Arizona facility he went to treats alcoholism, "eating disorders, sexual addiction/compulsivity, obsessive-compulsive disorder and depression" ... Kirk Fordham, former Tom Reynolds and Foley CoS, is still hanging around the Hill, annoying fellow republicans... John Boehner demanded the Republican leadership sing him his self-penned "Birthday Song" ... John Kerry downed Tequila shots with Marines at Finn MacCool's. [Roll Call]

  • Reliable Source: Things to talk about with your family over Thanksgiving. Because you hate them. [WP]

  • Yeas and Nays: The Examiner will now be sued by Robert Steinbuch for revealing that his students think he's a perv... Aide to Sen. Susan Collins sends out memo about fonts: "After reviewing a variety of typefaces to see whether they might prove more readable than the current protocol of 16-point Times Roman bold for speeches, statements and talking points, Senator Collins has decided that she would like to use Lucida Bright." [Examiner]

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