• Under The Dome: Sen. George Allen thought he had enough problems without The Hill blowing the lid off of this story: His middle name is Felix. Also, Sen. Kent Conrad's real first name is Gaylord. Boy, it's a slow week. [The Hill]

  • The Transom: Sen. Hillary Clinton was shanghaied into awkward conversation by a kiss-seeking Donald Trump at a party last week, sending her aides into conniptions and her heart all a-flutter. [NYO]

  • Names and Faces: A giggly, cigarette-wielding Jenna Bush painted the town stupid this weekend, hitting noted Washington non-hotspot The Bottom Line with some probably vapid friends. [WP]

  • Inside the Beltway: Shrill harpy Nora Ephron doesn't personally know any Republicans or evangelical Christians -- she just makes shitty, pandering movies for them. [WT]


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