Gossip Roundup: The New Kennedys Edition

Washington Whispers: Many minority journalists disenfranchised, consider themselves newsroom tokens. . . White House "insiders" listening to Ingraham. . . Friends say Chelsea will pick an issue to champion. . . Homeland Security officials complain most Capitol Hill visits are photo ops. . . Gov. Huckabee for president in '08?. . . Bush likely to hit more local eateries. [USN&WR]

Out & About:Romney excited about his new book and the Olympics. . . Author Ron Kessler: "It is very lonely being a Bush fan." Greenspan, Andrea Mitchell attend book party. [WP]

Heard on the Hill:BC04 reportedly stiffs tab at Helix. . . Rep. Jones (D-Georgia) offers to debate Zell Miller over the Democratic agenda. . . Democrats see hypocrisy in Kid Rock performing at Republican convention. [Roll Call]

Inside Politics: Harper's Bazaar declares Gavin Newsom and Kimberly Guilfoyle Newsom "the new Kennedys;" photographs them lying on the floor. [WT]

Rush & Molloy: New computer program uninstalled after DOJ employees complain vulgar emails are blocked. . . Darrell Hammond to attend Lorne Michaels' convention party honoring McCain. . . Kristin Gore: "My dad had me file his Beatles albums in order." [NYDN]

Page Six:Maureen Dowd: "If you are a woman in Washington and dress well, you are suspect. It means you are not spending enough time studying the Law of the Sea Treaty. If you dress in a dowdy way � and I hate that word � people think you're really at home at night going over quorum call records.". . . Barbara's table-dancing partner reportedly banned from convention. [NYP, NYP]

The Scoop:Clinton signs 1,500 books in Toronto. [MSNBC]


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