Washington Whispers: This week the RNC will release clips of top Democrats warning of the threat from Iraq. . . Samuel Alito is a "regular guy," meaning he drives a 1999 Ford Taurus to purchase generic items from Safeway. . . Ted Kennedy's position on Medicare was ripped by Jimmy Smits on "The West Wing". . . Mike McCurry, John Podesta are advising Viktor Yushchenko, the president of Ukraine. . . Bush gave Laura green earrings and a necklace for her birthday. [USN&WR]

Inside the Beltway:Bushes went to church without their pool reporter. [WT]

Rush & Molloy:Clinton avoids solo picture with supermodel. . . Republican operatives are investigating Clinton's relationship with a Westcheter divorcee. . . Al Franken to Arianna Huffington: "We can [bleep] now!" [NYDN]

Liz Smith: Autographed copy of Libby's novel goes for $24,000. [NYP]

Lloyd Grove's Lowdown: Grove is auctioning his signed copy of Libby's novel on eBay. [NYDN]

Cindy Adams:McCain publishes new book for parents and kids. [NYP]


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