Gossip Roundup: Tom and Katie to Continue Living on Moon

  • Heard on the Hill:Russ Feingold, who hates 527s, loves their dirty, dirty money. Whatever, we like Russ 'cause he sounds like a oft-cranky regular in some midwest bar... Mark Foley started a joint fundraising committee with other Republicans called (wait for it) PROM. Seriously... Fun story about riding a motorcycle with Mark Foley in a parade in 1996. [Roll Call]

  • Yeas and Nays: Y&N: "J/K! TOMKAT aren't coming anywhere near DC, losers... Marky Mark is shooting a film here in DC. Danny Glover, despite being too old for this shit, will join him shortly. [Examiner]

  • Reliable Source:Post film critic throws objectivity right out the window, films scene in aforementioned Marky Mark flick... George H.W. Bush has a daughter named Doro Bush Koch??? She wrote a book or something. 41 skipped the party to hang with Germans... Li'l Kim, John Kerry. That's all you need to know, really. [WP]

  • Under the Dome:Susan Estrich does the creepy Ann Coulter hot-if-you're-a-closet-case pose for her new book... John Boehner writes very first letter, begins it "Dear Letter to the Editor." Addresses it to "North Pole," forgets stamp... Sad-sounding Paul Wellstone play is, unfortunately, a musical. [The Hill]

  • Rush and Molloy:Mark Foley's boyfriend, Florida dermatologist Layne Nisenbaum, isn't talking to anyone. Kirk Fordham is gay, never slept with Foley. [NYDN]

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