Gossip Roundup: Trouble in Cable News

Washington Whispers: Administration officials invoke George Washington in renewed effort to sell war. . . Aaron Brown reportedly losing standing at CNN. . . Jim Wallis, a "left-leaning evangelical," says "Dean doesn't understand religion very much.". . . White House staffers eat up Claremont Review of Books. [USN&WR]

Under the Dome: Senate Committee on Indian Affairs has already passed its annual allotment for paper and ink due to Abramoff-related printings. . . Kennedy squeezes into the Capitol subway, pleasing tourists. [The Hill]

Names & Faces: Normally shinny Chevy Suburban carrying Laura and the twins in Botswana "had a lot of dust all over it". . . Television stylist believes "there's a tendency in D.C. for women to look a little frumpy." [WP]

Page Six:Rove was the main topic at a dinner-dance held last week by Lally Weymouth and attended by Pataki, Schumer, Soros, Walters, Tina Brown, Harry Evans, Fareed Zakariah. [NYP]

Lloyd Grove's Lowdown: Tension seen at MSNBC as a poster of Dan Abrams is replaced with one of Rita Cosby. [NYDN]


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