Gossip Roundup: When Silver Met Coulter

Washington Whispers:Bush, touched by "Hotel Rwanda," sees movie twice and meets Paul Rusesabagina. . . Gonzales wants to sugar-coat Justice Department: "He told us to explain that he's the people's lawyer and that we're here to help and protect the American people.". . . Wall Street uses Specter's Hodgkin's disease to bet on stocks. [USN&WR]

Lloyd Grove's Lowdown: Are Coulter and Ron Silver dating, just dinning, or dreaming up television show? We're dying to know. [NYDN]

Inside the Beltway:Gregg tells Dennis Miller why intelligence sharing doesn't work: "You don't share jokes with Jay Leno, do you?" [WT]

Inside Politics:Clinton wants the high-road: "We want hard debates in elections. But after that, we want to stop demonizing each other." [WT]


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