• Heard on the Hill: Dumb employee of Rep. Charles Bass (R-NH) trolled blogs on House computers, pretending to be a liberal. [Roll Call]

  • Yeas and Nays: Exclusive "supper club" to host exclusive parties featuring same 200 idiots at every other exclusive party... 12-year-old wins essay contest. [Examiner]

  • Reliable Source: Pseudonymous PG County erotica author invents "freak dating." Tonight at Zanzibar... Amy Argetsinger and Roxanne Roberts did not get into any sororities. [WP]

  • Washington Whispers: Behold the terrifying vision of Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi: "look for lots of flowers, bowls of San Francisco's Ghirardelli chocolate, and good art mixed in with photos of her grandkids. What's more, meeting-goers would be greeted with fruit and muffins for breakfast, sandwiches for lunch, and maybe a sit-down dinner at her Georgetown condo at night"... "CNN's Wolf Blitzer has nailed so many star newsmakers lately that we haven't had a chance to watch his competitors. 'Oh yes, Wolf is hot and having fun,' says a CNN exec." [USN&WR]

  • Page Six: Authors of anti-Ann Coulter book remain anonymous, because they are pussies... Crappy NYU humor magazine gets inexplicable column inches for unfunny Bush piece. [NYP]

  • Rush and Molloy:Nancy Grace: evil shrew and plagiarist. [NYDN]

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